Mother Burger selected!

On March 24, Selectors met in DHUB and Museu Picasso in Barcelona, and they decided the content of Selected B. The Selected annual is presented with an original design and in a special format, smaller than the average yearbook. The book is divided into three different categories (Graphic Design, New Media and Schools) and each project is featured individually in a double page spread. Studio Kluif is pleased to announce you that one of our projects has been selected. The Mother Burger identity. Mother Burger, is a N.Y. based health conscious fast-food restaurant chain. Their mascot is 'Mother' a large biker kind of guy who is committed to serving up wholesome quality food that is of organic origin and without committed or hormones. It is a burger joint with an attitude & a sense of humor. Mother will make sure you get all the 4 food groups: Burger, Hot Dog, Fries and Beer. Pity there aren't more mothers like that, we think. Kluif designed a lot of the in-house graphic material: from menus to place mats and bags, as well as ideas for various communication tools for the brand.