Kluif in National Museum Korea

The participation of Kluif for the 'Korea, Our Stories; Nation brand and identity exhibition' can now be seen in the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History. Other participants are:

Australia: Jack Mussett, Kevin Finn, Richard Henderson, Russell Kennedy

Botswana: Onica Lekuntwane

China: Hong Ko

Colombia: Diego Bermudez

Ecuador: Esteban Salgado

Germany: Cristinetti/Kreuzer

Ghana: Issac Opoku

Guatemala: Manuel León

Honduras: Frida Larios & Carla Paola Torres

Italy: Studio Visuale 

Jordan: Essam Abu-Awad

Kongo: E. E. Numbi

Macao: Lei Cheng Cheong

Netherlands: Studio Kluif

Nicaragua: Lonnie Ruiz Gómez

Portugal: R2Design

South Africa: Jacques Lange

Spain: Manuel Estrada

Taiwan: Lin Leo, Chun-Liang

United States: Eric Heiman, Elisabeth Prescott, Stefan G. Bucher 

The collective works are also going to be displayed during the ‘2015 IDC Eeum Design Connects’ event to be held in Gwangju Korea from October 17th to the 23rd.