Kluif finalist European Design Awards 2012

The Indie Brands book which Kluif designed in collaboration with Supernova is nominated for the European Design Awards 2012. The award ceremony will take place in Helsinki on may the 26th. This is the time when the best designers from all corners of the continent come together to recognize and to reward the effort and the results that they have achieved during the previous year. With participants from 34 different countries (from Iceland to Cyprus and from Russia to Andora) and with probably the most qualified jury on this planet (comprised by editors from 15 prestigious design magazines), receiving a distinction in the ED-Awards is a true reason for celebration. And indeed this ceremony is a warm-hearted night of celebration.

Indie Brands: 30 independent brands that inspire and tell a story Indie Brands delves into the world of independent brands. The book shows the creative people behind the brand, the visual eye candy they create, the space they work in and the inspiring items they surround themselves with. The brands literally come from all over the world and vary in size – from one-man brands to medium-sized corporations. And they all sell different products. But as true indie brands they share three important characteristics: they’re independent, they have a story worth sharing and they all understand the magic of marketing. Some of the brands featured in the book have been around for years, others have only just started, but they all tend to opt for the road less traveled. This not only makes for good stories, but also results in some sound advice from people like Erik Kessels (DO), Jake Nichols (Threadless) and Nalden (WeTransfer) to name but a few. Consider this book an all-access pass into the world of indie brands, which is bound to inspire creative minds and other indie entrepreneurs in the making.