Kluif in European Graphic Design Portfolio

Veel nieuw Kluif werk geselecteerd voor 100% European Graphic Design Portfolio. Het boek is geproduceerd in Azië en internationaal uitgegeven door Sandu publishers. Andere deelnemers zijn: Studio Dumbar (The Netherlands), Eden Design (The Netherlands), Dragon Rouge (France), Cacao Design (Italy), Beetroot (Greece) en vele anderen.

Europe is the cradle land of contemporary design at the beginning of the 20th century. From the Arts & Crafts Movement, Art Nouveau Movement, Modernism Movement represented by Bauhaus, to the Neo-modernism at present, Europe has always been the center for modern design movements, representing the unlimited designing creativities. 100%-European Graphic Design collects the explorative and experimental graphic design in European design area, gathers the top designers in European, and also witnesses the growing of new generation in designing field. Various images are selected and reorganized couples of times in designers’ minds, then abstracted into formats and structures which are coherent with the core concept, so as to be reconstructed a refined visual from. That is the European design principle represented by 100%-European Graphic Design Portfolio : concept under the brilliant surface is the essential part of design.

100%-European Graphic Design Portfolio has gained the support of international organizations such as Wolda, Association of Dutch Designers, Swedish Association of Designers and Association of Professional Graphic Designers in Finland. We express our thanks for those who help us and special thanks to our contributors, such as New Future Graphic (Britain), Dew Gibbons (Britain), Mark Richardson (Britain), Dragon Rouge (France), Moniteurs (German), Hesse Design (Germany), Khdesign Gmbh (Germany), Büro Uebele (Germany), Rotbraun (Germany), Cacao Design (Italy), Studio Sergio Calatroni Art Room srl (Italy), Ngdesign (Italy), Yonoh (Spain), Studio Dumbar (The Netherlands), Studio Kluif (The Netherlands), Eden Design & Communication (The Netherlands), Lava (The Netherlands), Bard Hole Standal (Norway), Tank Design (Norway), GVA Studio (Switzerland), BeetRoot Design Group (Greece), Hreur Lárusson, Katrin Olina (Iceland), Hahmo Design (Finland), Ohlsonsmith (Sweden), Sweden Graphic (Sweden), Turner Duckworth (Britain & USA), ZUU (Portugal), Laboratorium (Croatia).

100%-European Graphic Design Portfolio offers an exchange platform for designers from the world. We will keep on our efforts in the future years, promoting design exchange and strengthening mutual understanding. It is originality that we highlight. Our principle is to interpret life and society through design under different backgrounds of different countries. Editorial Department of 100%-European Graphic Design Portfolio