Ideas are Immortal

With it’s third monograph Dutch graphic design hot shop Studio Kluif shows a tremendous growth since the publication of ’Purists are Boring’ and ’Pacifist Punks’. The projects, being bigger, bolder and broader, show a great sense of strategic knowledge. With their 360-degree approach on a wide variety of businesses and brands they have not only won a lot of international awards, more importantly, they won happy clients. Breaking the traditional boundaries of ’classic’ graphic design they are not afraid to go beyond printed matter and web, eager to take on new adventures. Studio Kluif specializes in everything. Ideas are Immortal is available at Nijhof & Lee in Amsterdam, Robert Premsela in Amsterdam, Broese bookstore in Utrecht, Venstra bookstore in Amstelveen, Waanders bookstore in Zwolle, Donner Boeken in Rotterdam, Selexyz Scholtens in Groningen, Selexyz Adr. Heinen in 's-Hertogenbosch, Van Stockum in The Hague, through, to name a few!