Bis publishes third Kluif monograph

We're very happy to announce that Bis Publishers will yet again publish a monograph of Kluif's work. It is the third monograph of our work they publish, following 'Purists are Boring' and 'Pacifist Punks'. Kluif is on a roll! The book will showcase Kluif's newest projects from 2008 onwards. Familiar subjects of BIS Publishers include graphic design, fashion, architecture, product design and advertising. BIS has earned a national and international reputation for prizewinning books for creative professionals and their clients. Well known is the prestigious series of Dutch Design books, which BIS has published every two years since 1990 in collaboration with the Association of Dutch Designers BNO. BIS Publishers is the founder and publisher of Graphic magazine and is also founder of Frame Magazine which has developed into a publishing company of its own ( BIS Publishers is an independent company founded in 1986 by the present director and publisher Rudolf van Wezel.