32|64|90 limited edition book out now!

During the FIFA World Cup 2014 32 creatives, representing 32 countries from across the globe battled it out, displaying their skill, pace and creative genius for 32|64|90. Studio Kluif was happy to be selected for this clash of design titans. After each World Cup match, the designers were expected to react on the result in the form of a poster. These posters were conceived within a 90 minute timeframe and supplied within 24 hours of the game. Both competing sides were presented on http://326490.com. Over 64 matches the collected images provide a unique creative expression of the World Cup muse. The idea has been embraced by designers as eclectic as ;Lance Wyman (USA), to Appleā€™s Joao Peres (Brazil) to Dragon 76 Japan). Now all artworks are published in a limited edition book raising funds for charity!