Smart Packaging

“As numerous marketplace examples and research show, better packaging can lead directly to increased product sales. In fact, case studies conducted by Bloomberg show that optimized package redesigns generate an average +5.5% increase in forecasted sales revenues over existing designs.”

HEMA - Bringing distinctive design to the people.

Finding a special solution is always our starting point. We don’t believe in following the market leaders. We do believe in good packaging design with a twist. “We never did any packaging design”, we said to HEMA, our first client that came to us with a substantial packaging assignment. They replied that that was precisely the reason they wanted to work with us.

In their effort to create a department store with a more distinctive feel they believed in our different approach towards design. Through the years we have designed packaging for many HEMA product categories. We brought good design to millions of households. Soon other retailers picked up our award winning designs and opened the door for more outstanding packaging. Having worked for retailers and brands for so many years we can rightly say we are specialized in packaging.

Art & Fun

For the HEMA Art & Fun packaging range we were not allowed to change the given die-cuts of the packaging. Instead of designing ‘around’ these die-cuts, we used their possibilities. With a series of illustrations the windows in the boxes became the bodies and mouths of monsters, robots and other fantasy creatures. We proved that cost effectiveness and creativity can go hand in hand.

Baby care

For each of the 40 baby care products we developed a series of icons that seek interaction with the child. In short: packaging is the first ‘primer’. The white base color refers to purity and innocence. White is also in harmony with every baby’s bedroom. Seeing this distinct series of products with a clear and modern feel customers got into a shopping rage, wanting to collect the complete product range. As a result HEMA sellers noticed a significant rise in sales in products that did not perform so well before. Needless to say we have successfully applied this know-how to other categories. This iconic packaging design has also been applied to the baby products themselves. As a result, product and packaging fit together perfectly.

Leg fashion

For decades HEMA is well known for its tights, stockings and socks. With such a big variety of products in their portfolio packaging and model photography is costly, also because the hosiery collections change quickly. At Studio Kluif we came up with a simple but effective solution. A simple cut-out leg literally illustrates the product in a very clear, timeless and elegant way. The number of different labels was greatly reduced. Smart packaging, high margin.


Hema toothpaste packaging
Silver Pentaward

Hema markers and crayons
Nomination ADCN prize ADCN member jury
Nomination ADCN prize ADCN professionals jury

Hema garden & outdoor
Selected for Dutch Design Awards

Hema ice cream range
Winner ADCN prize
Finalist NY Festivals

Hema ‘Art & Fun’ packaging
Merit winner European design awards
Nomination ADCN prize

Hema baby & mama
Winner ADCN prize
Nomination Dutch design awards


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