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The birth of Fatboy’s Cooper Cappie

In 2014, Studio Kluif laid the foundation for the development of the jHEROnimus brand, the brand around the world-famous painter Jheronimus Bosch. An important part of this brand development was the creation of a lifestyle product line. In many cases collaboration with existing brands was established.

With Studio Kluif as designer for Fatboy, it was only logical to add a jHEROnimus-Fatboy line to the collection. From that thought Kluif developed a jHEROnimus version of the iconic Fatboy lamp: Edison the Petit, a lamp of which only a white variant existed until then. The designs were received with enthusiasm by the Fatboy team, an addition to the Fatboy product portfolio was born.

In addition to the jHEROnimus ‘cappies’, Kluif was also allowed to design the Fatboy cappie collection. The Fatboy Cooper Cappies, named after Tommy Cooper's famous Fez, ensured that one and the same lamp could take on an infinite number of appearances! The cappies are available for every interior. You never want to go back to a bare lamp!


After the success of the Cooper Cappies, Studio Kluif developed a special edition cappie for Christmas, the Treetopper. With the Treetopper you can transform your table lights into a real Christmas tree!


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