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Corporate and brand identities are an expression and reflection of an organization’s culture, values, personality and offer. A strong and effective corporate identity ensures your business is here to stay.

‘A strong brand should be a priority for all businesses striving for succes. The proof is in the numbers. Case studies conducted by Interbrand Consultancy show that brands that are consistently presented see an avarage revenue of 23%.’

Once upon a time Jukka Setälä, a designer from Golla (Finland), was listening to the edgy tunes of Fatboy Slim while designing the 21st century beanbag. This combination of activities resulted in an oversized beanbag of the highest quality with a cheeky huge label on the side. Fatboy the original was born.

Dutchman Alex Bergman happily adopted this cute oversized ‘baby’ in 2002. He intuitively saw a great future lying ahead for this one and started the Fatboy brand.

Since the launch on the Dutch market in 2002, the Fatboy design proved to sell itself. Within 9 years Fatboy successfully conquered country after country without using voodoo or cunning marketing tricks. The only trick in the book was, and still is, to always treat Fatboy as an established brand and to only act upon opportunities when it’s good for Fatboy.

And now... there’s no stopping the Fatboy brand! Gigantic lamps, über sized umbrellas, magical hammocks and outdoor chandeliers, all designed in the name of a wonder-fuller life. The Fatboy product portfolio consists of more than 75 product types.

Nowadays the Fatboy brand is selling in over 50 countries on every continent.

Studio Kluif has been working for the iconic Fatboy brand since 2011. All productions are created in close collaboration with the Fatboy creative team. During this period, Studio Kluif redesigned Fatboy’s brand identity twice. The Fatboy brand is undergoing strong developments, the brand identity should connect seamlessly with this. The branding is applied to a wide variety of resources, such as: business stationery, website, exhibition stands, catalogs, social media communication, packaging, animations, brochures and more. Building the Fatboy brand together feels like a privilege.

Hi! How are you?

The ‘Hi! How are you?’ prospects book is used internationally by the Fatboy agents to introduce the brand. In the book the Fatboy products introduce themselves to the recipient.

Plat-o Packaging

The Plat-o tables are produced in various colours. For each coloured table Kluif came up with a strong image. In this packaging range background and foreground interact surprisingly!


Fatboy Plat-o packaging
Bronze Pentaward

Lamzac campaign
Crossborder Award

Fatboy second life packaging
Nomination Pentaward

Fatboy Product catalog
Silver European Design Awards


We made brand identities for Fatboy, Nedap, Omron, province of Flevoland, Xpooos, SiSi, Zena Fireworks, Singer Laren, Jheronimus Bosch 500, Township Ede, 013 Poppodium, Mister Design, Township Amstelveen. Do you have an identity issue? Big or small. Please send an email to: and we will quickly make an appointment.