cover ‘bruid van de dood’

For the new novel by Naema Tahir, Bruid van de Dood (Bride of Death), Studio Kluif designed the book cover. Bruid van de Dood tells the story of Sophia, who grows up in a Pakistani family that has settled in Rotterdam. Her parents cling to the Muslim traditions of the country of origin. This also means finding a suitable partner for their daughter. A cousin in London seems the perfect match. The Westernized Sophia feels like the little mermaid in the fairytale of Andersen. She longs for a different world. Does she dare to choose for herself or does she respond to what people ask of her? Naema Tahir emigrated with her Pakistani parents to The Netherlands when she was ten years old, then lived in Pakistan for two years and returned back to The Netherlands when she was sixteen. She studied law in Leiden and worked as a human rights lawyer for various Dutch ministries, the United Nations and the Council of Europe.