The World Cup will be an emotional rollercoaster of unpredictable performances, surprise results and dramatic dives. We will capture it all. The goals, the sending offs, the heat, the emotion, the sea of orange when the Netherlands play, the yellow, green and blue of Brazil. No one can predict how the colour, the clash of cultures, the personalities and the egos will translate into a piece of finished design, but this is the task. Thirty two creatives, representing 32 countries from across the globe will battle it out, displaying their skill, pace and creative genius for 32|64|90. After each World Cup match, the designer will be expected to create the piece of work within a 90 minute timeframe and supply it within 24 hours of the game, with both competing pieces of artwork presented side by side on 326490.com. Over 64 matches the collected images will provide a unique creative expression of the World Cup muse. The idea has been embraced by designers as eclectic as Lance Wyman (USA), to Apple’s Joao Peres (Brazil) to Dragon 76 (Japan). Special edition prints and a limited edition book are planned, raising funds for charity.