Creativity is nothing without order and structure. At Kluif we always operate from a solid, proven method. This gives insight into the process and provides clarity on the intended purpose and the expected result.
Based on the briefing and the briefing interview we distill and capture the main goals and ingredients. What is your goal? Who is the target group, and how do we get their attention? This builds a solid foundation for the next step.
Concept and concept visualization
In this phase we develop, based on the previously established goals, different concept proposals. We do this through what we call our 360 degree mentality. The different approaches lead to innovative and surprising insights: Kluif researches, focuses and determines the right visual translation. We bring the theory to life. We visualize the vision.
Finalizing and realization
After intensive discussions, we finalize the concept to the specific media. We guide the process from A to Z. We make suggestions for materialisations and look for the right producers. We contact suppliers to establish whether the agreed deadlines and quality expectations are actually achievable.
In this phase the goals are achieved. We give you the tools to implement the concept. We can also help to monitor the impact 
and result.