Dog treat packaging range

Bronze Pentaward 2020

For this dog treat packaging range we came up with a smart solution. The assortment of Intratuin’s dog treat is changing frequently. Creating and producing a specific packaging for each new product is very costly. That’s why we’ve chosen for a packaging range with a window. It’s simple. When the assortment changes just fill the packaging with the treats and the dog on the packaging will think about it! On the back of the packaging a sticker is used with the accurate ingredient information. Problem solved!

Indiebrewery beer packaging range

Gold Pentaward 2020
Marking Award 2020

Kluif designed an iconic beer packaging line for Indiebrewery. The world of racing is used for these strong graphical designs. Pit stop time…

Mascot footballs and packaging

Nomination Peoples Choice Award 2020
Gold Pentaward 2020

The European Football Championship 2020 should be held in the summer of 2020 in twelve different countries. Due to Covid-19 this event is postponed.
For each country we designed a mascot football with an accompanying packaging.
Every country has an animal as a mascot. The Dutch a lion, the French a rooster, Poland an eagle, etc. The target group for this loyalty program is the around-6-year-old football fan.
The packaging we came up with has a round die-cut on both the front- and backside. This makes the real football visible. The packaging has a handle and carries like a bag. What makes this packaging special is the way the mascot football illustration continues on the packaging. Product and packaging score together!

Identity Babel Den Bosch

Communicatieprijs Brabant 2020

Studio Kluif developed the new identity for the new art and education platform in 's-Hertogenbosch. In addition to a logo with an institutional yet open appearance, an iconic graphic design has been created which can be varied endlessly. This creates a graphic identity that offers plenty of space and freedom within predefined frameworks and unites the three merger partners in a direct way. Strategy: Arthur en Brent.

Southbank Watson Outfitter UK button eye shirts

Gold Pentaward 2019
Nomination People’s Choice Award 2019

Studio Kluif designed a menswear shirt collection for underground label Southbank Watson Outfitter UK. The limited edition shirts are handmade. What makes the shirts unique is the use of the iconic button-eye idea in combination with the illustration.
We translated this idea for the button-eye gift box collection. On the gift box the iconic black button with red yarn plays an unexpected important role resulting in an ‘eye-conic’ design!

Studio Kluif Pain Killer

Nomination Pentawards 2019

Fed up with board meetings about strategies, mission & vision? At Studio Kluif we welcome you with a refreshing remedy. After taking one of these painkillers to get rid of the first sores we’d like to invite you on a creative journey that makes you forget all the things you already know. So kill the pain and let us bring your ideas come alive.

Fatboy Plat-o table collection packaging range

Bronze Pentaward 2019

Studio Kluif and Dutch Design brand Fatboy share a long history. In this case Studio Kluif designed the packaging range for the new Fatboy side table collection called the Plat-o. The tables are produced in various colours. For each coloured table Kluif came up with a strong image. The tables are photographed in different interior settings. But this time we came up with interior photography with a twist. Background and foreground interact surprisingly!

Blokker Go Out! toys packaging range

Silver Pentaward 2019

Studio Kluif designed the packaging range for the Go Out! toy collection which is brought by the international retailer Blokker. The total Go Out! product range excists of 85 SKU’s. ‘Go out! The best days end in dirty clothes’, is a simple and clear message. The design for this product range is also simple and clear. In this range the product is the hero. We only added a strong background colour and a cartoon-like illustration which makes the packaging vibrant and adds some playfullness. Strong, simple, direct, colourfull, iconic and playfull… Let’s Go Out!

theme boxes loyalty programs

Nomination Communicatieprijs Brabant 2019

Every year Brand Loyalty organizes a two-day conference where the most important people of the largest fast moving consumer goods companies are kept informed of the latest trends in loyalty programs.

The grandeur of the conference was made very personal by surprising the visitors in their hotel room with a tailor-made proposal for a loyalty program. With an ever-changing offer of three different boxes, in which step by step a loyalty concept is revealed, the recipient is challenged and seduced. As a result Brand Loyalty came into contact with their customers with a tailored and efficient way.

The loyalty programs contain, in addition to the main goal of customer loyalty, a social and / or social theme. Themes such as healthy and honest food, more exercise and social interaction with each other. The sleeve around the theme box poses a stimulating question. The box itself gives a step-by-step answer. Think of consumer insights and advice in category-focus. By opening the box you go deeper into the matter, ending with the product. The product combines a surprising combination with atmospheric photography.

Lamzac campaign

Crossborder Award 2018

The Lamzac campaign 'the world's laziest job' from Fatboy has won the prestigious CrossBorder Award. The campaign is made in close collaboration with the Fatboy marketing team and the Fatboy design department. The jury chose this international marketing campaign because of the creativity and the result achieved with a limited budget.