Korea, our stories; nation brand 2015
IDC Eeum Design Connects Award
Silver Pentaward 2016

In celebration of the new South-Korean government identity system, the Ministry of Culture, Sport & Tourism has decided to sponsor a special exhibition for the public. 50 design companies from all over the world are invited to design 2 works. One that reflects the ideal graphic representation of their national government identities and one that reflects their graphic interpretation of Korea. Michel de Boer of MdB Associates in the Netherlands & Wang Studio in Shanghai, responsible for curating 4 European design agencies, asked Studio Kluif to represent their country. Studio Kluif approached this assignment from a totally different angle one might expect from an identity project. They decided to make a packaging design for both nations resulting in two oversized boxes. The design consist of a typical contents design in the form of an infographic, a strong branding symbol, a poem that signifies the nation’s soul and, on the top of the box, the motto of each country. The collective works were displayed on August 15th during the 70th anniversary of the Korean Independence Day. For the 2015 IDC Eeum Design Connects event in Gwangju a special international jury was formed to select three outstanding designs out of the fifty submissions. Studio Kluif was chosen as one of these three winners. At the invitation of the Korean Ministry the founders of Studio Kluif, Paul Roeters and Jeroen Hoedjes, will accept this prize during the opening of the IDC Eeum Design Connects 2015.