32|64|90 limited edition book out now!


During the FIFA World Cup 2014 32 creatives, representing 32 countries from across the globe battled it out, displaying their skill, pace and creative genius for 32|64|90. Studio Kluif was happy to be selected for this clash of design titans. After each World Cup match, the designers were expected to react on the result in the form of a poster. These posters were conceived within a 90 minute timeframe and supplied within 24 hours of the game. Both competing sides were presented on 326490.com. Over 64 matches the collected images provide a unique creative expression of the World Cup muse. The idea has been embraced by designers as eclectic as Lance Wyman (USA), to Apple’s Joao Peres (Brazil) to Dragon 76 (Japan). Now all artworks are published in a limited edition book raising funds for charity!

Price winning Kluif work published!


The Pentawards price winning Kluif packaging will be published by Taschen. The work is selected for the Package Design Book 3. The book will be launched on monday 10 november at the Taschen Store Amsterdam. Packaging is a highly underrated art form. As the first thing a consumer sees when looking at a product, the packaging can make or break a sale. Every year, the Pentawards celebrate the art of the package by presenting awards to designs from around the world. Designers compete in five main categories - beverages, food, body, luxury, and other markets - and no fewer than 50 sub-categories. Featuring a selection of over 400 works from 30 countries, this book brings together all the Pentawards winners from 2013 and 2014, providing a vivid demonstration of creativity in every form of packaging. Readers will discover, through introductory essays, product descriptions and plenty of images, what drives design industry leaders and agencies behind these creations which are so much part of our everyday lives. This well of inspiration is not just aimed at design and marketing professionals but anyone with an interest in the creative process of packaging.

Kluif inspires!


Studio Kluif was asked to give a lecture at the Nikkei Design Day in Tokyo. Nikkei Design is the biggest design magazine of Japan. The audience, consisting of the international press and designers from around the world, was treated on a lecture about Studio Kluif and Dutch design in general. As Brigitte Evrard (one of the organizers) stated: "It was brilliant, professional, interesting, instructive, creative ... all the ingredients were gathered.” The lecture ended with a short film of what inspires Kluif, our so called heroes. Have a look and get inspired!

Kluif wint zilveren en platina Pentaward!


Wat doe je wanneer je genomineerd bent voor 2 Pentawards en de prijsuitreiking vindt plaats in Tokio? Natuurlijk, dan boek je tickets en ga je er naartoe! Op donderdagavond 9 oktober ontving Studio Kluif, voor een geweldig internationaal publiek, voor twee van de twee nominaties een Pentaward: Een zilveren award voor onze Intratuin tuingereedschap verpakkingen en een platina award voor de verpakkingslijn van het Blonde Poulain printpapier. De platina award wordt uitsluitend uitgereikt voor het allerbeste werk in één van de zes hoofdcategorieën. De Pentawards is de eerste en enige, wereldwijde competitie die uitsluitend gewijd is aan verpakkingsdesign.

Met 2 awards, heel veel foto's, video's en nieuwe vrienden, maar vooral veel inspiratie rijker keerden we vol trots weer terug naar Nederland.

Royal news


Royal Delft will release a wonderful unique collection of Jheronimus plates designed by Studio Kluif. Royal Delft has been around since 1653 and is since that time one of the leading manufacturers of ceramic craft, including the famous delft blue. Royal Delft also collaborates with Dick Bruna and designers as Arian Brekveld, Damian O'Sullivan and Chris Koens. Now, the collection will be expanded with a beautiful serie of Jheronimus plates by Studio Kluif.

New Fatboy collection by Kluif


Studio Kluif designed a series of prints for the upcoming Fatboy collection. The designs will be used on various Fatboy products such as: The Baboesjka, The non flying carpet, The Concrete and some totally new Fatboy products! The collection will be shown during the upcoming Maison et Objet Expo in Paris. We'll keep you informed!

Kluif Cocktails


Coppa Cocktails, the only and best readymade cocktail straight from the bottle chose Studio Kluif as their new design agency. A unique product needs a unique design agency. Developed by professional bartenders using only quality spirits, Coppa Cocktails taste and look as good as those made at the swankiest bars. The range has won a number of awards at the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2010 including Best in Class for its Mojito and Bronze medals for the Long Island Iced Tea and Cosmopolitan varieties. Coppa cocktails is sold in over 45 countries worldwide. Studio Kluif will be responsible for designing the unique cocktail bottles for this global brand. Cheers!

32|64|90 World Cup Challenge compilation!


This year’s World Cup was an exciting one with great performances and thrill seeking moments. 32 creatives have been representing the 32 competing countries with their own response on each match. A selection of the artwork is shown in this video. At the end of the project the aim is to publish a limited book cataloging all the entries and auction selected prints, in order to raise funds for a nominated charity.

Studio Kluif the Dutch team for 32|64|90 World Cup Challenge!


The World Cup will be an emotional rollercoaster of unpredictable performances, surprise results and dramatic dives. We will capture it all. The goals, the sending offs, the heat, the emotion, the sea of orange when the Netherlands play, the yellow, green and blue of Brazil. No one can predict how the colour, the clash of cultures, the personalities and the egos will translate into a piece of finished design, but this is the task. Thirty two creatives, representing 32 countries from across the globe will battle it out, displaying their skill, pace and creative genius for 32|64|90. After each World Cup match, the designer will be expected to create the piece of work within a 90 minute timeframe and supply it within 24 hours of the game, with both competing pieces of artwork presented side by side on 326490.com. Over 64 matches the collected images will provide a unique creative expression of the World Cup muse. The idea has been embraced by designers as eclectic as Lance Wyman (USA), to Apple’s Joao Peres (Brazil) to Dragon 76 (Japan). Special edition prints and a limited edition book are planned, raising funds for charity.

Second poster Studio Kluif for 32|64|90 World Cup Challenge!


Studio Kluif just finished the second poster for 32|64|90. It's our reaction on the Netherlands versus Australia match. We went the Rothko way!